#3 A Secret Dream

Prior to my brief hiatus from writing on this blog, I had started a project of opening myself up via "101 Powerful Journal Prompt" from the popular men's lifestyle blog Mantelligence. I made it through two prompts. So now, in an effort to not be the same old me (not finishing big projects), I present to you Prompt #3.

What's a Manly Hobby You Want to Pursue?
First of all, to accurately address this prompt there are some definitions or parameter that are needed. The main one being, what makes a hobby "manly"? Or even if this would include hobbies that are not gender specific? Mantelligence presumed this question and mad a list of 50 possible choices including some that weren't gender specific and some that I wouldn't have considered manly...like gardening.

In any case, I guess now is a good time to tell you that I am not good at hobbies.

I mean, look at how often I have written here? I missed almost six months a bit ago. Nonetheless, the prompt is not "What are you going to pursue?" But more "What would you like?"

I am not good with my hands and don't necessarily care to be. Carpentry, auto repair, and plumbing do not quite fit into my perceived glamorous lifestyle (perceived being the key word). I have no real interest in making trinkets out of wood or metal and hard physical labor is, well, hard. What I do have interest in, though, is the human element and the mind.

Education is all about the mind. Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. Right off the bat, I need to get rid of that math thing. Just no. And I already enjoy reading and writing and though I am not as regular as I would like, I would consider them hobbies. So what comes next? Performance!!!

In high school, I did not take a drama class and was not in the drama club...but I was in a few school plays and musicals and had the time of my life. At the end of each production, each cast member got a DVD of one of the shows which is when I realized....I really suck at acting. After that, I haven't been on a stage since.

If I were to pursue any hobby, I would attempt to go back into that spotlight and try a little more. In those high school performances I didn't really understand how to act but through friends who act and listening to behind-the-scenes interviews of other actors, I have at least an image of how to do it and a chance to be a lot better.

Those who know me very well, know that acting on Broadway or in movies has been a semi-secret dream of mine...but I have left it in my dreams. It will probably stay there, but if I ever do get another opportunity to take the stage, that might change.


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