Levels of Friendship

Some recent experiences have caused me to dive deep into reflection mode regarding a topic that I have pondered far too often over the past five years.


When I was young, my life consisted of going to school, going to gymnastics practice, and then playing with my friends as much as I had the chance. It is easy to say that when I was at school or practice, I had friends there but what exactly made someone a friend.

In my naive and jaded years of idealistic young-adulthood I once came up with a method of measurement to determine if someone was my friend, or better yet, a best friend. It all circulated around the idea of trust on three criteria.

1. My Wife
2. My Life
3. My Possessions

The use of the term "wife" is obviously quite loose in my situation but it essentially was meant as a representation of the trust I would have with another around my significant other in not trying to steal that special someone away from me. My life is rather obvious, if a gun were to m…

My Resolution is Me

If you Know anything about me then you know that I love making New Years resolutions. Do I keep them? Sometimes. Okay maybe only once but still, I love the idea of change and growth.

So 2018 started yesterday and I am super excited about my resolutions. The way I decided to do it this year was I picked a theme and then set a couple minor goals that will compliment and enforce that goal.

My theme: Me

I am my theme. A lot of my failure this past year (and for many years) have stemmed from my incessant need to please other people. This year, I'm gonna please myself

Now the hard part. How?

The pieces that make up the puzzle have to be simple but only need to be loosely connected. Then, as a whole they can boost the overall goal together. In thinking about these simple pieces I had to think about things I like to do. Things I want to do. Thing that are fun or bring me happiness. Things that have some level of productivity either physically, mentall, or emotionally. My puzzle is made up…

The Pinnacle of Happiness

Yesterday I was able to talk to two of my closest friends on the phone. Yes, I used that strange app that doesn't make you type out words nor wait for any amount of time to get a response. It was as if it were a real conversation in real time. Pretty neat app.

The way these conversations played out was quite interesting. After I had finished with my class for the night, I was on my way home and felt discomfort in my soul. I had a conversation that morning with a friend about peace and its attainability so I thought I would reach out to that friend and pick his brain a bit.

Over the course of that conversation there were two ideas that really stood out:
1. Focus on the things you can control
2. Find the positive moments in every day

Not long after my conversation with that friend had ended, I got a call from another friend who was rather frustrated with some of the situations that she has found herself in. Having just had a similar conversation with the first friend, I found that I w…

My Grown-Up Christmas List

In my family there is a small tradition for Thanksgiving day. It is the day that everyone in the family has to turn in the Christmas wish list to my mom so that she can start planning what she'll get, when she'll get it, and where she'll get it. I've been thinking about this year's list all month and still found myself staring at a blank list tonight. I just haven't been able to think of anything that someone can buy for me this year that would be valuable to me...but that doesn't mean I don't want anything.

So what is it that I want?

Fulfilling Job

A different post will come within the next month or so regarding how 2017 has gone but big changes happened in my occupation and currently I am in a position where when discussing what we were thankful for around the Thanksgiving dinner table my response was "I'm just thankful I have a job." Is it the perfect job? No. Does it have potential? Absolutely.

My Christmas Wish: I would like to be in a…


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It seems like once I got my current job and started school that I lost the time and focus of my writing.

That leads me to my purpose of this post.

Have you taken a step back from your life, looked at what you’re doing, and asked yourself why you’re doing it? Why am I working where I’m working? Why am I back in school? Why is my free time spent horizontally?

We are the ones that make the choices in our lives. I chose to be back in school. I chose to apply for my current job. But what’s it all for.

How many times do you do something out of perceived obligation? Attending a group event. Going to a birthday party.

But what is your real obligation in life?

I feel like the answer is simple and twofold. First find your happiness. Test the waters and figure out what things actually make you happy as opposed to making someone else happy. Second, make it your own. Love your life uniquely. Please don’t be someone else.

As for me, decisions are made to declutt…

#6 Move On

Topic #6: Your Going To/Never Going To Move Away Because...

In my dreams, I live in a quaint loft in New York City. That is, before I move into my penthouse on the upper-east side of Manhattan. Not to mention a beach hose in LA.

In my reality, I have lived in Wyoming and Arizona and even a few months in Europe and I still find myself back in my hometown.

So what do I actually want?

I'm not entirely sure. I love being in my hometown. It's familiar. I have my parents here. My sisters are a short drive away. We can all get together every so often...ya know, like families do.

When I moved to Wyoming to follow a job, however, there was a sense of finally becoming an adult. I was on my own. Completely responsible for myself, and I did so successfully until my company laid me off and hung me out to dry. The one major drawback of that time was not being around family for holidays. I blame the weather and the company I worked for. The actual being away part wasn't too bad.

In essen…

#5 It's a Habit

Topic #5: What is a secret habit/thing you enjoy?

I am usually pretty open about the things I enjoy. Everyone knows I love sports and movies and music and all that good stuff so there isn't anything super secret that I have to share in this post. I did, however, feel like I could give you a bit of history on how one of my passions came to be.

Almost two years ago, I wrote a post on this blog about my love of fashion. Since then I have written a couple others on related topics. But do you know how all that got started?

Until now, I didn't. I hadn't really thought about it.

If you were to roam the halls of my high school 12 years ago you would see a junior boy weaving his way through the halls rather quickly from class to class. Actually, you may not even notice him. If you stuck around for a few weeks, you may notice that he wore a cycle of the same five hoodies (black or grey) with jeans every day. Even his accessories were the same. Blue braces and an overstuffed backpack…