#5 It's a Habit

Topic #5: What is a secret habit/thing you enjoy?

I am usually pretty open about the things I enjoy. Everyone knows I love sports and movies and music and all that good stuff so there isn't anything super secret that I have to share in this post. I did, however, feel like I could give you a bit of history on how one of my passions came to be.

Almost two years ago, I wrote a post on this blog about my love of fashion. Since then I have written a couple others on related topics. But do you know how all that got started?

Until now, I didn't. I hadn't really thought about it.

If you were to roam the halls of my high school 12 years ago you would see a junior boy weaving his way through the halls rather quickly from class to class. Actually, you may not even notice him. If you stuck around for a few weeks, you may notice that he wore a cycle of the same five hoodies (black or grey) with jeans every day. Even his accessories were the same. Blue braces and an overstuffed backpack…

#4 How To Read

Time for another of those 101 Journal Prompts!!!

Prompt #4: When did you last read a book, why did you read it, and what was it about?

Many of you know that I love books. That has always been true. I have not, however, enjoyed reading.

When I was younger, I had a very difficult time comprehending what I read. I could read an entire book, be asked questions about it, and have no idea of the answer. While in elementary school they instituted the "Accelerated Reader" program. It forced me to answer questions about what I read. I hated it because I wasn't good at it.

Although, I still don't have top notch comprehension I have learned over the years that the more I read, the better I get at reading. It also matters what I read.

This year, I set a goal to read at least one book per month. So far so good. I am ahead of schedule. The most recent book that I have finished i would be The Sun Also Rises by Earnest Hemingway. I just finished it a week and a half ago.

There are a …


So, if Facebook or some other social media hasn't informed you by know then here ya go. Today is my 28th birthday and I am excited to start another year of life. In the days leading up to today, I have reflected quite a bit on the past year of my life. It has certainly been a roller coaster, but then again most years are.

Not long after my last birthday I got a major promotion at work. And now, I don't have that job. In July, my love life took a strange tumble which simply made me more confident (strange, right?). I have returned from the land of wind and more wind to my hometown which I euphemistically term "The Promised Land". I have set myself on a new path taking me back to school and in a new career direction. So much has happened.

So what is my birthday wish for this upcoming year? Easy....experiences.

This last week, I attended a temple open house, two theater performances, and a party. That's a lot for me compared to normal. I would love for this to becom…

#3 A Secret Dream

Prior to my brief hiatus from writing on this blog, I had started a project of opening myself up via "101 Powerful Journal Prompt" from the popular men's lifestyle blog Mantelligence. I made it through two prompts. So now, in an effort to not be the same old me (not finishing big projects), I present to you Prompt #3.

What's a Manly Hobby You Want to Pursue?
First of all, to accurately address this prompt there are some definitions or parameter that are needed. The main one being, what makes a hobby "manly"? Or even if this would include hobbies that are not gender specific? Mantelligence presumed this question and mad a list of 50 possible choices including some that weren't gender specific and some that I wouldn't have considered gardening.

In any case, I guess now is a good time to tell you that I am not good at hobbies.

I mean, look at how often I have written here? I missed almost six months a bit ago. Nonetheless, the prompt is not…

Two Steps Back

We have all heard that saying that sometimes we need to take a step backwards in order to move two steps forward. This phrase is the one that describes the past three to four months of my life pretty cleanly. Although in a word I would simply say it's been a "whirlwind".

Confused at all?

I know I am. So let me try to clarify by using a timeline.

December 25, 2016
Christmas! Except not. Because of complications at work and Mother Nature's lovely gifts, I was unable to be with my family for Christmas...just like Thanksgiving and so many other holidays. It was at this moment that I became very upset with my work situation. Don't get me wrong I loved my job but it became an avenue for loneliness on the days that were supposed to be most joyous. I knew something was going to need changing at some point.

January 19, 2017
I had been thinking about going to Graduate School seriously for a few months by this point and had started a few applications but when I took a vacatio…

#2 The First Girl I Loved

My last post introduced you to how I am getting my writing prompts now....I think I want to change my mind on that. Why? Because the vulnerability is about to be exposed.

Prompt #2: Describe Your First Girlfriend In Detail

If you don't believe me that this is the prompt, I urge you to check out the list at

I invite you to do this because this post may become a bit embarrassing for me and it wasn't my idea. But alas, in an attempt to actually stick with something for a change, here goes nothing. To begin with, I have to define "girlfriend" because I have been a part of everything from flings to flirtationships to full-on relationships. The girl who I will be talking about is the first girl that I loved and fell in love with. For the sake of anonymity (and the fact that she may read this) I will simply call her "J".

I met J when I had a crush on another girl although from the first time I met J, I knew she …

#1 Oh The Places You'll Go

I often find it difficult to figure out things to write about on this blog since my life seems so mundane sometimes, but I find great value in writing...and writing consistently at that. Lucky for me, I was looking into other blogs when I stumbled upon gold. At least it was gold to me. The name of the blog is "Mantelligence" and the post was about 101 Journal Prompts. Since this blog is a bit of my personal online journal I thought I might as well try it out.

Prompt #1: What Are Some Places You've Enjoyed Visiting?
When I was young, I was a trampolinist and had the opportunity to travel for competitions. My first time on an airplane was in 1996 to Phoenix, Arizona for my first Junior Olympic National Championships. Little did I know that later in life, I would serve my mission in that very same city. Phoenix and all of Arizona will always hold a special place in my heart because of these two experiences. 
As I mentioned before, my competitions took me all over the countr…